Klystron's first attempts in music making were mainly influenced by Techno, Hardcore/Gabba, and Jungle. Later productions perhaps sound like midtempo Breaks or Electro, but never fit exactly in just one genre. The tracks are characterized by massive drums, hard and serious, but also atmospheric sounds, by having a few more than two or three different notes, and by variations in rhythm and melody instead of soporific monotony. Listen to the best tracks from more than 20 years, and download them for free!

Latest collaboration with Exodus of Scienide. Some kind of Hardstyle.

Klystron's state-of-the-art definition of Hardcore Breaks.

Done within 24 hours in some kind of a "production battle" initiated by DJ Tanith.

Second, highly diversified Breaks collaboration with Exodus of Scienide.

A variety of beats, and a 303 attack!

The hard-working house painters are coming!

Straightforward Electro-Breaks with Rave signals.

First Breaks collaboration with Exodus of Scienide: Exodus and Klystron united their synthesizer collections, locked themselves up in a basement and made this very atmospheric track.

Oldskool Hardcore Breaks.

Breakhardtrancecore??? Done with Protracker on two parallel Amiga 500.

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