Born in 1975 in Münster, Germany, Klystron became infected with Techno in 1992. Soon he realized that the parties were not enough to him, and he started first attempts in DJing, with record players definitely not suitable for that purpose, and music production, with an Amiga 500 with its 8-bit 4-channel sound chip. Later on, he could afford his first synthesizer and Technics players. In the mid-90s, he played mostly on private events, as a DJ and also as the live act "Praktoklyss". He also organized own parties in Münster; some of them took place under a highway bridge. Klystron is a member of the (meanwhile, mostly inactive) demoscene group Scienide and contributed music to some of their works.

After moving to Berlin in 2002, most of his creativity had to be concentrated on preparing his PhD in physics, and there was not very much time left for making music. On the other hand, there was still some time left to visit the frequent Breakbeat parties in Berlin, and Breaks became his favourite style of electronic music, but certainly not the only style he liked. Later on, the DJing and producing activity was refreshed, also powered by the great invention of Serato Scratch Live, and Klystron played in clubs in several cities. Meanwhile, he is no longer satisfied with being limited to largely just one style. His today's mission is to tear down the barriers between the various sub-subgenres of electronic music, and you will find elements of so many different styles in his tracks and DJ sets.

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